Centaurs in the city 52’, proposed by Bruno Evenou and Olivier Lambert.
Supported by the PROCIREP and the ANGOA.

Camille and her companion Manolo founded the Centaur Theater 20 years ago which exhibits audacious equestrian shows and is in line with a will of social integration in Marseille, the host city, but also in all parts of the world. On a regular basis, riders, centaurs, show up in town where we least expect them and leave passers by flabbergasted. Riders make their appearance on the highways, housing projects, train stations, subways… The Centaurs gallop, stand up, dance, embrace and disappear. The Centaur Theater got its fame in 2013 after organizing the incredible “TransHumance”, one of the highlights during the events of Marseilles, cultural capital. That day, Camille opened a procession of thousands of animals and 400,000 persons standing on top of 3 Friesan horses across the city. The images made it all around the world.
Starting June, 2016, a new TransHumance is in store for the troup, moving across exclusive neighborhoods but very close to sensitive districts. Their ambition is to be here for the long run, build their first home, an Indonesian “Joglo”, still next to the Calanques.
The Centaur’s move will not only be geographical and physical but also socially radical. Their new neighbors will be residents of the housing projects Sode and La Cayolle, two areas plagued by drug traffic and gang wars.
Camille and Manolo intend to break the barriers by integrating local residents into their performances. They have been part of social actions to help all those left behind and the female inmates at Baumettes prison. In any case, it’s about getting them “centaurized”, which means using horses as mediators between man and society, between body and spirit, to discover oneself and express ones sensibility.