Founded in the South of France in 1994, Les Productions du Lagon are specialized in the executive production of documentaries dealing with diverse themes, social and universal issues.

Thinking, making viewers reflect and see, casting light on certain dark areas, pointing up certain taboos, denouncing injustices, grasping the complexity of our era and the questions of today: summed up in a few words, these are the recurring issues in our films, which have enjoyed real success at international festivals.
With an ambition to produce programmes with innovative, entertaining, stimulating and enlightening content, drawing on French and European imaginations whilst remaining open to the best international influences, we also try to offer synergies between cinema, television, animation and transmedia.

Our films have been broadcast on many general and specialized television networks, such as France Télévisions (France 3, France 5, France Ô), ARTE, Planète, Forum Planète, TV5, CFI, Odyssée, Histoire, Ushuaïa TV, KTO, Canal Maritima, TV 10 Angers, TV Rennes, Seasons, ABDA, Canal Marseille, BEUR TV, Netflix, RTBF, ERT, RTS, SRF, VRT, YLE, Odisea, Discovery Channel Germany, Discovery Channel Australia, TV3, ENTV, ERTU, JRTV, Telwizja Polska SA, RTHK Hong Kong, ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Rain TV LLC (Russie), Russia Today, iTVN, TVP Kultura, CRTV Cameroon Radio Television, etc., and are or were distributed by ARTE Distribution, Europe Images and Ampersand. You can find some of the films from our catalogue on DVD (Editions Montparnasse , France Télévisions Distribution and Claposud in particular).